After an awful lunch shift, I really needed to vent.

This young couple was sat down as my first table and I greeted them as I would any other. The girl (who couldn’t have been more than 18) immediately started up with a snippy attitude, answering back to every question like a was some disease infested hobo hassling for change. receipt24Their drinks were brought promptly, as was their food. When I asked if I could bring them anything, the girl hisses, ”I need a knife that can actually cut something!”. Taken aback a bit, I say okay and bring her a steak knife (because apparently she’s incapable of cutting through moist chicken breast with a normal knife, like a normal person). I was double sat after that and left them to eat as I ran around to my other tables. Another server told me they’d flagged her down and demanded their check, so I brought it over less than a minute later.

This lovely note was left for me to pick up, along with two $20 bills. Though I wanted to do several things that would’ve resulted in me losing my job, I took the higher road. I brought back their less than two dollars of change in nickles and dimes, and left it at that.

Oh, and the table right next to them pulled my manager aside to tell him what a great job I was doing.