And Another One…



  1. Daniel says:

    a double whammy of asshole. non-tipper and ill-informed, right wing nut.

  2. Jim says:

    WTF!!! That’s such BS!!! Rude/ruthless/nasty/worthless lil bitch!!!

  3. Dean says:

    Since there are more people doing this , how about a facebook page or website where all info can be shown and shared to us hospitality wait staff , so that all of us will be able to somehow recognize and choose if we want to serve these people

  4. Laura says:

    I can’t believe anyone would do this to some one who is trying to make a living (maybe while going to school). What if it were his or her kid I wonder how they would feel then? People can be so stupid.

  5. Terry says:

    Daniel, I guess I’m a right wing nut. I tip for service but don’t believe we should redistribute the wealth of hard working tax paying citizens. They earned it!!!

  6. Vicki Nash says:

    No that is NOT what obama said or did , your just cheep and don’t tip so stay home or go to a drive threw , do you know that servers have to pay the IRS there for paying to serve your sorry a… Oops sorry im just tired of STUPID PEOPLE !

  7. burl says:

    people like this need to have there ass kicked. they should not be going out to eat to start off with they know that the tip is part of the price of the meal it is expected to make up for the very low wages that the servers are paid, and if they are not going to leave a tip then they should not be eating out plane and simple. kick there ass before they get out the door, i’m sure you will get some help if you only say why you are kicking there ass.

  8. kim garrett says:

    Jesus Christ….I seriously cant believe this crap. Ive never seen a climate of such indignant selfish asses! sorry Crystal:-(

  9. Kris Schulenburg says:

    Maybe it’s time for American restaurants to start paying minimum wage AND include the gratuity on the bill (European system). This will raise meal prices, but the waitstaff should not be put in this position over and over again. Sometimes people suck!!!

  10. Ron Grandia says:

    Totally acceptable behavior…. as long as the diner announces his intentions at the beginning of the meal.

  11. Will Morgan says:

    People who work for tips have more than half of their pay stolen from them by people who won’t tip. This note doesn’t even make sense. This is like saying “I’m unhappy that Obama got re-elected so I’m going to kick my dog.” The dog (and the waitress had nothing to do with it, why punish them. Taking out frustrations on innocent bystanders is a product of someone with an IQ approaching room temperature. Not unlike those who voted for the socialist. Socialism CAN’T work. Plain and simple. Production is finite and need is endless. Redistribution by a socialist government makes the equation even worse by paying government workers to facilitate the transfer of wealth. Say it with me: “Production is finite and need is endless.” There is nothing that can change that. Not wanting it, not wishing for it, and certainly not Obama.