Your Resturant in Foley Al burned my baby and now. Due to a one sided investigation my baby won’t have his bills paid or any follow up care. I BEG OF A TOTAL BAN OF APPLEBEES!!!!


he was in a normal position at the table. in a high chair. My father in law ordered the sizzling skillet and the server set it in front of my 7 month old instead of my father in law. she didn’t have her hand off of the skillet before he reached up and grabbed it. Waitress didn’t report the incident to the manager also I was their food skillet that caused the injury. Why does Applebees have to add pirotechnics to their food items. Manager told me atleats 5 Adults a week gets burned. Wait staff should never set burning hot items in front of a baby. hope this explination corrects the issue of you thinking I BURNED MY OWN BABY!!!!


Sounds like your baby burned himself. I mean, I’m no rocket scientist, but I feel like the fact that the baby grabbed the skillet and the server didn’t force him to do so essentially means that the child burned himself. This just might be the most misguided, nonsensical complaint I’ve ever seen lodged, so congrats on being a terrible person.


and no she placed it to the side of my father in law and close enough for him to grab. I’m done explaining .Later