I’m so highly Disturbed frustrated and sick to my stomach I went to McKenzie’s Riverside grill and pub off Bridgewater falls at Bridgewater falls and on the kids menu I ordered for my two year old a pizza is said $3 they bring out a scolding hot pan straight out of the oven for my daughter to burn her hand on I tell the waitress he brings a rag and at that same exact time she’s screaming at the top of her lungs I spider mommy bit me and there’s a spider crawling on her arm I had to get it off and then I look under the tape I get her out of the way look under the table and there’s several spider webs and spiders I wanted to leave immediately after her burn and then the spider they’re already brought the food out and made me pay for it they told me the reason they have insects and critters in there is because the plants but there was no warning sign so I’m warning everybody about the insects infestation and how they do not know how to treat customers or children at so be advised if you take your child in there that they will bring you a scolding hot pan off the kids menu and that there will be insects crawling on your child underneath the table in their shoes and all in their clothes I picked off a insect carcass of a insect shell off of my daughter after the spider was all over her body brown recluse I took a picture of it I’ll post it right now

Man that’s real methed up.

Here’s the baby brown recluse that was crawling on my daughter at MacKenzie’s pub and grill at Bridgewater falls restaurant and they said the reason they have insects is because of the plants so I had to pay $50 and they also charged me incorrectly for the scolding hot kids pizza I ordered which they brought out took straight out of the oven that was on the kids menu $3 Pizza and give to my two-year-old so she burned her hand and then she’s screaming and all of a sudden there’s this spider crawling on her I tried to get it and I pulled her out of the way and its strings down onto a web of several other baby spiders which were brown recluses I could tell cuz I was bit by 1 hopefully let’s pray my daughter was not bitten on top of her burnt hand so I just paid $50 my food I did not like what I ordered they made me pay for that and I didn’t touch it it was just pathetic there needs to be warning signs if they have insects because of their plants customer should know about it especially if they have children especially if they are deadly spiders who wants to go sit with spiders if I’m going into a critter environment I would like to be warned especially with a two year old who did not deserve any of that please share everyone needs to know and be aware about this foul situation

This is the after math of grabbing the pizza on the kids menu grab the pan at McKenzie’s Riverside pub and grill at Bridgewater falls