I waited on a party of 18 people on Saturday night. This morning one of the guests called the restaurant and asked for their tip back. This was, of course, the guest with the highest check – right over $400.00. An automatic gratuity of 17% was included on every check (there were 6 separate ones) and they elected to add an extra $85 to the check for me. They had a great time and were taken care of completely and when they called they claimed that “it had nothing to do with the service” but “they didn’t know that gratuity was already added to their bill.” So I had to give $85 dollars back to my boss today because those people decided they spent too much on dinner and that’s the only way they could think of to get some of their money back. This was definitely a first for me in 11 years of serving and I’m still pretty shocked that they had the gall to ask for my tip back. I doubt they know that the money came out of my pocket – they probably think the restaurant just ate it and called it a loss. It’s unfair and completely inappropriate to ask for your tip back, especially after a day and a half after you left it. Read your checks – if there’s a gratuity it will more than likely say it 2-3 times on the check. Don’t screw your server because you can’t add or read.