There Was A Wait To Sit, So We Sat Ourselves

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Had the worst experience tonight at your leesburg location. Terrible hostess who wouldn’t sit me and my family due to a group of 21 in front of us, while having 5 booths in the dining room that we had to point out to her. Finally just sat ourselves, and let the waitress know we were there. After changing 3 different waiters and waiting 10 minutes the pat person came to get our drink order. After ordering and our food taking over 25 mins for a kids meal and one of your salmon and steak platters. Steaks cooked medium/medium well when ordered rare. But we start to eat anyways because we are so hungry. My wife starts eating mashed potatoes, and she find a nice long burnt price of something unidentifiable in it. So after two bites we are both turned off and disgusted. Manager offered to make us another one but we had our fill also known its probably gonna take another 15-20 mins to get out we paid for my sons meal and left. This has been the worst dining experience I’ve ever had. I WILL NEVER EAT AT YOUR LEESBURG LOCATION AGAIN!! And will never recommend it to anyone.

Your Tip Is Due To My Compassion NOT Your Service

Why do people feel the need to publicly post their receipts showing how incredibly ugly of a person they are?…


Rose’s post on Applebee’s page:

Two tips in one …. it doesn’t get better than this right Applebee’s? ?

Receipt Reads: Next time it would be nice if you asked what sides we wanted instead of just assuming. Your tip is due to my compassion NOT your service.

Receipt Total – $94.48
Receipt Tip – $10.52

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It’s National Pancake Day…Better Complain About It!

It’s National Pancake Day!

Once known as a day where customers were encouraged to donate to charity in lieu of paying for their pancakes…

Now it has become a day devoted to demanding freebies, running your server to death, complaining about your good and service, and then not donating or tipping a dime.

Stay classy.

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Could You Complain In English Please?




Absolutely the worst experience of my life at an Applebee’s, Evansville Indiana …maybe ever in my history of eating out … I thought the sweet nothing is wrong attitude of my server her horrible service( who visits as soon as sat down and ask if it taste ok … I don’t know yet so come back when you think it’s a better time like in 15 mins ok …Really … or knowledge of the food attitude about me asking about side items. Potatoes is It right ? … You guys don’t have a drink menu .?!?!
the wait on my food half my food being cold .. When I had to pry the new mayonnaise safety wrap off my bottle after they forgot to dress my burger. After i asked I received a heel of the lettuce four small pickles and the peel of the onion and a soggy tomatoes .. Thanks !! … I got handed this THE lid was broke it sprayed all over me … The attitude and basic confirmation that I was still going to require this EVEN though she has concerned how she must involve her manager … WHY ? Is that my business. Remove the unwanted item be done with it …..when I asked to remove a automated order thingy I placed … It ,I think sealed the deal as I removed a fake hair from my mouth from my cold potatoes :-: So after I literally got sick because I ate someone’s hair. Mind you im long blonde it was artificial black curly I begged for my receipt to leave as I threw up outside. Thanks waste of $55

You Gave Me Food Poisoning! Give Me More Food!

Jen: My other half got food poisoning from your restaurant. He’s been stuck in a hotel room directly across the street all day puking and your manager will not walk a bowl of soup across the street to him! Your GM expressed her ‘concern’ but in reality it all seems to be marketing instead of action.


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It’s My Birthday, Give Me Free Things!

Brandon: Came in for my birthday and told the waitress it was my birthday so I would get a free dessert maybe but she just wished me happy birthday. The food was mediocre. Won’t be back again because they don’t even give you free dessert for your birthday. It’s a once a year thing. Come on!