My Son Lost His Retainer



I would like a Manager to contact me concerning this complaint. On July 22, 2013 at noon at Store #1412 in Ft. Worth on Alta Mesa my son left both of his retainers (for his teeth after braces) on table #16/1 when we left. We tried calling the phone number for several minutes around 3 pm but it went to a fax machine so we made the 30 minute drive back to the store. No one had turned them in to Lost & Found and they weren’t on the table. I offered to look thru the trash because they cost $300 to replace at Monarch Dental. I was told no. The Manager said that he wouldn’t look thru the trash & I told him he wouldn’t have to because we would do it willingly. He again said no & that it wasn’t his responsibility & that he didn’t want trash all over his parking lot. I stated that I was a single parent and could not afford the $300 to replace them. He again said it wasn’t his responsibility & just turned around and shut the door. Couldn’t he see that I was trying to teach my son a valuable life lesson on being responsible?

In your opinion, do you think think the manager handled this situation correctly?

What’s Going On With The Music At This Establishment?



What’s going on w the music at this establishment?! Really families r here w their kids and we have to hear Let me hear your Booty something something really on the playing on the overhead?!! Then I’m w my grandson and the waitress asks would you like to try our jello shots there only one dollar today. Ummmm,NO!

This one just made me giggle a bit. Seriously though…what the hell kind of music are you playing Applebee’s? You are corrupting our children! 😉

Since when did Applebee’s start selling jello shots?

Does anyone know what song she actually heard? I must know!


I Can’t Believe Red Lobster Towed My Truck!


Boycotting Red Lobster!!! will never eat at another red lobster again. Would you believe they had my truck towed because I parked in there lot and walked to the eatery next door to theres!!! Now I can remember times were I used the other lot and went over to eat at there place but that was ok. I don’t know what kind of message there trying to send here but I know I will never be back you just lost a customer for life!!! spread the word red lobster is a bunch of low life scum I still can’t believe it.



This is what happens to your car in Jacksonville NC. if you park in the Red Lobster parking lot and walk to the eatery next door. But its ok if Red lobsters lot is full and you have to park in another lot and walk to theres!!! Thanks alot for the 200 dollar tow bill hope you fill it was werth it because you just lost a customer for life and anyone else I can spread the word to!!!!


Is This Normal For Applebee’s Patrons?



Every time I eat an an Applebee’s my heart starts to go into arrhythmic fits and my skin begins to peel off. Halfway through my meal, my blood literally begins to boil and I can’t help but scream obscenities in the name of Satan.

Is this normal for Applebee’s patrons?

Yes…your body is just rejecting the shitty food you have just ingested 😉