Idiot Of The Day

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Idiot Of The Day – Tipping Should Be Banned

Just quit and travel the world guys…


Nicholas: Tipping should be banned. Minimum wages guarantee an expectation of quality of service from the employee to management which benefits the customer and the business. Low performers are easily fired and high performers have a secure salary and no right to bitch about customers who don’t want to pay more than is advertised. Ultimately, never blame the customer you morons. If you don’t like your job then quit and travel the world, it’s too easy.

Server Calls Out Dine And Dasher On Facebook

Lydia: I normally don’t post much on Facebook I try to be pretty positive and post things I find interesting rather then confrontational or negative but I am BEYOND livid. So last night I waited on this young couple and I made sure they had everything they needed and normal server stuff. I recognized the girl because we went to the same high school and probably have mutual friends some where down the line. Well they got there entrĂ©es and so I left them to enjoy it. I filled up there waters a few times but they seemed fine. Next thing I know they are gone. The first table I have ever had to dine and dash. Knowing who the girl was I contacted her via. Facebook and her response is infuriating. I was completely nice and understanding and she was awful. I am a full time student and on top of that this semester I am doing an opera that requires me to lose a full week of work which is extremely stressful. So to have someone this ignorant come and tell me it’s my fault that she left without paying is baffling.




Idiot Of The Day

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Kimberly: I’m going to start a page called “If you can’t afford to pay your employees a living wage without relying on the public for tips, then you can’t afford to own a restaurant”. Instead of laying a guilt trip on the patrons, why not make the owner responsible and take from his pockets instead of raping the pockets of people who are already over paying for their food to begin with!