Soldier Says His Tip Is The Freedoms He Provided While Serving

This tip receipt left by a soldier was posted on Facebook yesterday by a Military Apparel Company, Ranger Up Military and MMA Apparel, stating “Don’t Be That Guy”…


Why Should I Have To Pay You For Taking My Order?


Janent: This is the worst fb site ever!! First of all why should I have to pay you for taking my order? perhaps you should complain to your boss or the restaurant chain you work for. If they ain’t paying you enough then find another job smile emoticon paying my Tab & then paying you is beyond ridiculous. What if I barley have enough to pay for what I’m eating? Should I stay home and not satisfy my crave because I have to pay you too. Well I don’t think so. I don’t work hard for my money to stay home & them pay someone else to take my order & bring it to me. That’s an issue u need to bring upon your employer wink emoticon leave us the customers out of it & demand your employer to pay you a sufficient amount. Life’s expensive I get that. But no way em I paying anyone to serve me. If that’s the case I should be allowed to serve myself Thank you!! And it’s not greedy it’s common sense to be able to go out and enjoy dinner without having a fake waiter smile her way through my pockets.

Overzealous 49ers Fan Gets Bartender Fired For Rooting For The Seahawks

Allen: I had my dinner planned for tomorrow to return to the Applebee’s where the bangwagon SeaCHEAT fan was trying to talk the crap to me after we lost the NFC Championship. Had to look for the receipt so I would know whom I was looking for. Called up there and thanks to my work he was fired after that incident. Oh well I guess I’ll eat @ home tomorrow although my only intent to return to that applebee’s was to pick on him but I got the better laugh getting him fired and he now works in a gas station! #lmfao


receipt left by overzealous Seahawks fan

Tip Line Reads: Next Time Don’ Bet Against The San Francisco 49ers!!!


Idiot Of The Day


Matthew: Just a heads up. In case you weren’t aware, the 2.13 as a tipped employee actually allots you the opportunity to make more than the federal minimum wage. If, however, your wage in tips does not equal to that of minimum wage, you are then able, through your employer, to recieve a form and file for ‘missed income” meaning your “I only make 2.13, let me continue to Bitch about my problems” theory is irrelevant.
You make minimum wage +, count yourself greatful to be allowed the opportunity in what should be considered temporary employment at high school level job to be able to make more than other in the same tier of employment based on your level of performance.
This whole entitlement shit of the servers needs to stop.
You look like a bunch of fucking beggars to the public forum, have some God damm self respect.

What If The Family Is Really Poor And Can’t Afford To Tip?



Jesica: I dont get the title of this page. You’re telling someone you deserve a tip and they shouldnt eat out if they cant afford to give you a tip? Thats extremely selfish. What if the family is really poor and someone gave them money or giftcards as a gift and they decided that they would treat themselves after who knows how long it has been since they last went out to eat and they cant afford to tip you? But you get mad because they wont give you extra money on top of what other tips you’re getting, plus your paycheck. Thats just… so selfish…
I just hope you get whats coming to you.

I grew up poor and guess what we did when we wanted to go out to eat…we DIDN’T unless we saved up the funds to cover the meal and the tip! It’s not rocket science. It’s called being responsible, having a budget, and having respect for other hard working people.

What is selfish is when someone comes into a restaurant not planning on tipping and expects someone to serve them for free. What is selfish is to assume your “poor family” is more important than your server’s “poor family”.

Eating out is a LUXURY…it isn’t a NEED. Grocery stores are available for a reason. If you aren’t willing to pay for the full experience of eating out then please keep your ass at home.

And just to clarify…my paycheck IS my tips. When you make $2 to $4 an hour it’s rare you even see a check because by the time taxes hit it it’s VOID.

So, when you are okay with working your ass off and not getting paid for it, then, by all means, call me selfish. 😉