Don’t Hit On Our Men You Slutty Waitress

FYI…don’t take your insecurities out on a person just trying to do their job. Even if your server happens to be flirting with your significant other (which is most likely not the case), take it as flattery. If you are that worried about your partner leaving you over a complete stranger, perhaps your relationship is shit and you have bigger fish to fry. 😉

Why Do Servers Get Tips And We Don’t?



James: I can afford to go out anytime I wish. It also my right NOT to tip. A tip is and always has been optional. Being a server does not automatically entitle you to receive a tip. If you want a tip, do something to deserve a tip.

Wayne: Where are all the tips for all the other people who work in the service sector? Do they not work hard for their money too? Why do servers get tips and other minimum wage service people get nothing? Oh that’s right, servers think they are entitled to making an average of 25 dollars per hour for a unskilled starter level job.


Idiot Of The Day


I guess I just happened to get my car and mortgage loan by “chance” since you assume I don’t claim my tips or pay any taxes, oh wise one.

Perhaps you continually get bad service because you are a shitty person with a shitty attitude. 🙂

Idiot Of The Day