No More Drinks?

Here’s a question for others in the community. The Applebee’s here has now told it’s servers that they are not allowed to possess drinks (water, soda, etc) ANYWHERE in the restaurant. There was a designated shelf in the back which they stored their drinks on, and which satisfied health code law, but now Applebee’s has decided that they just don’t like it. The servers are now forced to use 2oz plastic ramekins when they need a drink – instead of taking a drink like anyone else, they have to take shots of water if they’re thirsty. This includes the pregnant servers, who are under doctor’s orders to stay very hydrated while they run around the restaurant all night. I was just wondering if anyone has any input about this.


Restaurant Assessments

I am a server and recently moved 45 minutes away from my current restaurant and have been applying at restaurants closer to where I live. What is the deal with these online assessments? I have noticed that several (mostly chain) restaurants are now requiring applicants to fill out these ridiculously long assessments that, quite frankly have absolutely nothing to do with waiting tables. They are annoying and time consuming. Is this something new? I have been waiting tables for almost 10 years and this is the first time I have had to complete these assessments. They ask about 100 questions about what my co-workers would say about me, whether or not I like to take risks, my problem solving approach, how I would describe myself and my opinion about problem solving in a business environment. The answers are either Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree and Strongly Disagree. Seriously? I am applying for a server job, not a CEO position. Has anyone else run into these questionnaires?

~Diggity (Michigan)

When Do You Pick Up The Guest’s Check?

Question, do you pick up the guest’s check before they leave or do you wait until they are gone? Some of my co-workers believe it is rude to pick it up while they are still at the table. I usually grab it while I politely thank them again for dining with us. I have gotten burned too many times when the guest has either taken both copies of their credit card receipt, or left me the one that they left blank. Just trying to see what others do! Thanks!

~Shawna (Ohio)

Confessions of a Country Club Employee

I am a server in the restaurant of a Privately owned Country Club/ Golf Course. Never in my 15 years of customer service have I seen a place run like this. A joke is what most of the staff calls it. We are a small club with about 300 members, so we only have a staff of 5 servers. Usually two during the day and two at night, with the exception of a Friday night, one more person may be added. Lets start when a member walks into the restaurant. We do not have a hostess so the member will seat themselves. Usually they are greeted in a timely manner. We bring water and menus to the table and ask what they would like to drink, the table says 4 martinis. Now we have to go make those 4 martinis, because we do not have a bartender. We get the drinks out, the table orders, we ring in the food. Now we have to keep running back to the kitchen to check on the food because we do not have an expo. Meanwhile members keep seating themselves, so now we are taking orders, bar tending, expediting, and trying to keep our guest happy in between. Once the table leaves, we also have to clean the table because, you got it, we do not have a bus person. Chaos every shift. The board of directors for the club refuse to fill these positions because of budget, but constantly complain about service. We are all hard workers and do the best we can in the situation we are given, and are open to help or suggestions on how to make things run smoother, but the board of directors never seem to have any ideas. I am very grateful for my job, but can we get a little help here?

~Megan (Texas)

Have Any Of You Been Left A Gift Card As A Tip?

My hubby and I always try to tip above 20% even if the service isn’t 100% We have friends and family in the service industry and hear the horror stories. If service isn’t up to par, we have always assumed that the server is having a bad day.

Today we were out to eat… meal ticket was about 20 bucks. When the meal was over we realized that neither of us had ANY cash! The place we were eating at didn’t do tips on credit card. All I had was a Walmart gift card in my pocket with $15 on it…. so we left it. I know that isn’t the preferred method of tipping, but I didn’t want to leave our waitress nothing.
We plan on going back there again this week with cash to give the waitress!
Have any of you been left a gift card?

Guess I am sharing out of guilt 🙁


March Madness Table Rent

For all of us that work in sports bars/restaurants…can we somehow raise awareness about appropriate tipping during March Madness? These people sit at our tables for hours on end watching games and think $4 on $18 is good or $15 on $80, when they’ve been there for 8 hours. You are taking up prime real estate, so pay the rent! I can’t make money if I’m not turning the table you’re sitting at.