What Are Our Job Responsibilities?

I’ve been a server for about 5 years now and it’s time to apply for a post-college-big-girl job. Every application asks what the applicant’s job responsibilities were at their previous jobs. What are some things I can put down to make me sound more qualified other than “take orders, enter orders, run food, and cash out guests”?

(Submitted Anonymously)

Tipping standards from chronic coupon users

Can you give advice to Liz on what she should do in this particular situation? Leave your suggestions in the comment area.

I work at a corporate chain restaurant in North TX, it’s a busy location and seeing as we are a family restaurant we get a lot of different types of families that come in.
But everyone cringes when this specific family comes in to eat even the servers that deem this family their unwanted regulars. They come in to eat at least twice a week, and every time they come in the parents get food and their 3 children ( 2 of which are in High school) get kids meals. Typically this isn’t a big deal but they always have complimentary free kids meals tickets.(So they can be used all together unlike a normal coupon where you can only use one).
No matter how good your service or how much they get for free they leave 4$. They leave the servers they like 6$ no matter what. They are a very needy table typically they go through at least 5 drinks a piece and are always wanting extra of everything which i’m more than happy to give them but they are going to pay for what they get.

I had the opportunity to serve them one night and I charged them for all their sodas minus the one actual child at the table and they demanded it be taken off. I explained that even though they had the free kids meals that if you’re over 12 I have to charge for a beverage. The father became even more insistent saying each time they come they’re taken off and they want it taken off. My manager just gave them what they wanted because they didn’t want a complaint and their ticket was originally about 48.00 and after the comps it went down to 24.00.

The Mother is a Sunday school teacher so I’m guessing she has a book of these meal tickets that their supposed to be giving away and instead uses them at their favorite restaurant twice a week.

We are losing money as a restaurant when this family comes in yet the managers say nothing to them. Was it wrong for me to insist on charging them? What would you do in this situation?

(Submitted By Liz)

Restaurant Seating And Reservations

I’m confused. My wife and I had a short notice opportunity to eat out at a favorite restaurant. She called and easily got a reservation for 7:30 PM, two hours hence.

When we arrived the restaurant was running a little late but we were told we would be seated ASAP. I understood and we waited. Meanwhile, a couple of other parties entered the restaurant and were seated before us.

When I asked the hostess when those parties had reservations, I was told 7:30 PM, the same as me. When I questioned her why they were seated first, she stated it was because they had made their reservations two weeks prior.

Now, I could understand if we had arrived at the same time that they should get the first seating, but we were first. Am I wrong in being upset or is this normal practice?

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My Server Makes More Money Than Me



I’ve been a server for many years! My server at dinner last night was the owners daughter & has a second job that still brings in more $ than my current serving position, in a nursing home (no tips). Should I be a little irritated that I left 15% instead of 10% after I found out this info? I’m battling w this one.

I mean…she has a second job for a reason. Just because she is the owner’s daughter doesn’t mean she is rolling in dough. And even if she does make more money than you, I don’t see how that is relevant to how much you tip her. She still should be compensated for her hard work. ~IYCATT

Tax season is amongst us!

I have a question about taxes and tip outs!

So, I’ve been doing a bit of research on what I can claim and deduct for my taxes this season. Being a former Hooters girl, I know the uniform is a given. I’ve also been reading about tip outs, and how technically we aren’t supposed to claim them since it’s not money we end up with at the end of the night and the ‘tipped out’ employee has to claim them instead.

What if my managers at Hooters made me claim my tip outs?! How in the world would I go about doing my taxes?

(Submitted By May)

Shouldn’t A Company Pay For Credit Card Fees Instead Of The Employee?

Alright, I need some help from you guys. I just found out that the restaurant I work in charges us 13 cents for every card card that we run. I am curious about this because I have never noticed this at any other restaurant I have worked out, and certainly had no idea at the one I am at now till I found out recently.

This all came about because another server had 2 credit card transactions and they each left her a $5 dollar tip. She went in to check her cash out, and she thought it would say that the restaurant owed her $10 dollars, but it said $9.74 is what they owe her. She got curious and asked one of the managers. She looked at us like we were stupid and pointed out on the cash out where it said -.26 which was the credit card processing fee. There were about 4 or 5 of us servers standing around and we were all like, what? It was listed under “Tip Deductions” and something we never noticed before.

I am just wondering if this is common practice for restaurants to do because I was always under the impression that the company would pay any credit card fees. Does anyone know anything about this?

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