I Got Fired For Defending Myself…Was I In The Wrong?

My story is along the lines of all the anti-gay comments being left on server receipts. It was a Saturday night at Buffalo Wild Wings in Defiance, Ohio, so you could say we were very busy. It was around 7:30pm and we were on a wait. I was waiting on a group of 5 teenage boys. Everything was going fine (or at least I thought it was). I got them their refills, food delivered quickly, and checked on them as often as I could. I delivered their checks and cashed them out about 3 minutes later.

I continued waiting on my other tables and saw the boys get up. I immediately headed over to the table and started cleaning it off. I came across their receipts to which they had written some slurs like “FAG and FAGMAN” on the bottom. I followed them up to the lobby and told them “HEY KIDS! Next time you go out to a restaurant it’s not polite to leave your server derogatory comments on your receipts like ‘FAG and FAGMAN!’ you can leave and DON’T COME BACK!” I wasn’t quiet about it but I was not screaming. You could tell the kids were embarrassed and they ran out the door.

I walked back to the table and 30 seconds later my district manager comes storming towards me screaming “YOU’RE CUT!! OFFICE NOW!!!” I thought to myself ‘oh this cant be good’. She pulled me and another manger into the office and started screaming at me…and I’m talking LOUD! She then proceeded to fire me and sent me home.

Here’s the best part…

  1. She lied in her report she had to file about the incident, saying I was swearing and cussing up at the kids, when in reality not one swear word came out of my mouth.
  2. When someone gets fired they have to sign the ‘termination write up’ when it happens. She never gave me that to sign. I actually found out about it 3 days later after getting fired when I had to go back in and sign it. On the termination write up she put that she gave it to me and had me sign it on the day I got fired, which is not true.
  3. I found out she has hated me from the beginning and has been telling other managers as well as the owner that if I get hired back in she will demote herself and not be the district manager of the store anymore. Now how cowardly is that?

Was it right that I got fired for defending myself? I mean, physical abuse is about the same as verbal abuse right? If someone is punching me in the face I’m not just gonna stand there and let them beat me up. I’m gonna fight back!

By the way, this has happened to me before. I once had a guest say ‘I don’t want no faggots at my table’. When I reported the incident to the managers they told me to not go near the table then. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is my job and I have the right to feel safe where I work. So with this happening in the past was I wrong to take matters into my own hands?

(Submitted By Brandon)

Is It Okay That Our Managers Barricade Us From The Break Room?

I serve for a popular restaurant chain and have for a year and a half. We got a new general manager about 10 months ago and a lot of changes have been made. Recently, our general manager has started barricading our break room during our busy shifts. A coworker of mine posted a picture of one of his attempts to keep us from getting into our break room. We are expected to work eight hour shifts without documented breaks and now we can’t even sit down for thirty seconds, get a drink, or grab pain relievers out of our lockers? Are our managers right to bar us from the break room during busy periods or should we be allowed access to our break room? Should we let home office know about these little blockades?

(Submitted By Anonymous)


How Does Your Restaurant Decide Silverware Rolling Duties?

Today at work I raged about rolling silver. It is normally one of those things that people dread doing but do anyways. Our restaurant has been getting out of control about it though. Closers never have to roll (or their friends). Bartenders, party staff, and cocktail servers all steal silver from the waitstaff as well. We had a temporary KM who started to make us wash and sort silver temporarily. He no longer works there and it caused people to fight over silver and hoard it for themselves. There have also been times where we have to wait for linens or silver to be washed. The waiting can be anywhere from ten minutes, but has been over thirty quite a few times. New hires have commented about how our silverware rolling methods are absurd as well. All these things made me furious as I was leaving work. The feeling lingered so long that I decided to send a text to my area of operations manager. She got defensive and I threatened to cut back my open availability to the weekend – which seems to be the only days where rolling is just. I had to roll sixty silver when I made $13 and had six guests. There was a server who worked all day and had four times the sales I did that rolled the same amount. The other two servers won’t roll at all even though they both had more sales and guests than me because the one was closing and the other is his friend. I am now supposed to talk to my manager about how we can make a fair way on deciding what to roll.

How does everyone else’s restaurant decide silver rolling duties?

(Submitted By Anonymous)

Is This A New Scam?

Saturday afternoon a gentleman came in saying he was bringing a party of 13 in around 645. My mgr explained to him that on weekends we can’t take reservations for groups of more than 8 between 4-8, but we would do our best to get them sat in a timely manner and at 2 tables near each other. He then went on to tell her that his father died yesterday, that’s why they were all getting together for dinner, and do we “do” anything for that. Ummmm, no, sorry we don’t give free food for that. (They never showed up for dinner). The following night I had a table of one, who started signing his order to me. I let him know my signing isn’t very good so he asked for a pen and paper, and to give him 2 minutes. When I came back he had written a long note telling me his mom died that morning, and god will bless me if I give him food and pop. I gave the note to my mgr and he simply told him no and he left. I found out later he wasn’t deaf at all and had been talking with the hosts before he sat down. Is this the new scam out there? Instead of saying it’s your birthday to get free stuff you try and play on the sympathies of the server to get free stuff?

(Submitted By Laurs)

Charging For Extras

I work at a restaurant where anything extra (besides lettuce, tomatoes, and onions and stuff) .. costs extra. The main thing that really trips people up is we charge 50 cents for an extra 2 oz ramekin of sauce and 1 dollar for extra 4 ounces of sauce.

I have noticed that the majority of customers are bothered by this. When someone asks for extra ranch or honey mustard and I tell them that it will cost 50 cents extra, they most of the time tell me “Nevermind” or “Are you serious?”. It actually baffles me why so many people are bothered by paying 50 cents for extra dressing for their salad. Is it really that much of an inconvenience?

One time in particular a lady ordered a side salad with ranch and I put it down on the table and she immediately told me she was going to need some more ranch. I told her it would be 50 cents extra and you should have seen the look of frustration in her eyes. She practically threw the salad back at me and said she didn’t even want it anymore if she had to pay for extra dressing. She was so mad that I just gave her the ranch for free.

Has anyone else experienced this?

(Submitted By Michelle)

When is Breaking Professionalism Okay?

I work at a Hooter-esque restaurant where sitting down and talking to tables is highly encouraged by management. Earlier this week I was talking with a table and am now questioning whether I should have remained professional or if what I did was wrong.

Basically this guy and his friend (who is a semi regular) started asking me some controversial questions. Abortion was a topic brought up (I am pro-choice). The semi-regular’s friend explained to me that he was pro-life and what his view was. I explained my opinion respectfully, and listened to him respectfully. I’m not one to tell someone their views are wrong, especially not in a formal situation such as this. Eventually the semi-regular guy said “So if you had to vote for it or against it, which would you pick?” I said “I think I’d vote for it.” The other guy looks me right in the face and says “Fuck you.” Not in a joking way. In a completely serious, hateful way. My response? “Let me go grab your checks.” It is important to note that this guy had a water he said he didn’t want refilled and had already eaten dinner AND a dessert. They were the only reason I couldn’t go home as it was less than an hour away from closing time.

As I set down the checks for the table, he half-heartedly tells me “I was just kidding.” I explain that asking a controversial question then attacking me for my response is not okay. He proceeds to tell me that he was “on debate team” and he “likes to discuss different topics.” I tell him saying “fuck you” to my face is not discussing anything. He then gives me $21 on a tab that was like $20.65 or something like that.

So I give him his change back. We are supposed to round up by quarters, so I gave him a check presenter with 2 quarters in it. He says to me “You can keep the change.” I say “No, that’s okay.” “No really,” he says opening up the check presenter and revealing the two quarters, “Its not very much.”

I say “I know. Obviously if you can’t afford to tip your waitress you need the money more than I do.”

He gets up and leaves. The semi-regular yells at him and tells him that if he doesn’t tip, he won’t get a ride home. My manager on duty (a promoted server who is honestly somewhat of a joke of a manager) actually came through to me, and told the semi-regular that he is to never bring his friend in here back again.

Since my manager supported me, does that mean breaking the professionalism was okay? Or should I feel bad for confronting a customer about his tip? I know this situation is a little bit different considering I will literally get in trouble if I’m not sitting/talking to my guests.

What are your guys’ thoughts?

(Submitted By Michelle)