Tired Of Being Taken Advantage Of

It’s so sad that after working for a company for over 5 years, I can’t take the mismanagement any longer and have to look for a new job.

I work with a bunch of shitty coworkers, and constantly have to pick up their slack. When I tell a manager what they didn’t do/did wrong, they just shrug and say they’re not surprised pretty much shrug it off. When I try to talk to my coworkers about them doing their job right, they act like I’m being a naggy asshole and that it’s not that big a deal.

I tried to have a serious talk to my GM about how so many people get away with texting all day, not running food at all, not doing any side work, basically doing the bare bones minimum, and he told me that I have more responsibilities because it’s “expected” of me, but he doesn’t have the same expectations of them. I dunno, it just seems wrong that a manager can have the attitude of not expecting someone to work because there’s someone else who WILL do it and who WILL give the task 1000%. I feel like I’m being taken advantage of. He told me that I close 5 nights a week because I do a great job of it and everyone else does a shitty job. I don’t mind closing, but sheesh not 5 times a week! I’d occasionally like to be the one who comes in, makes good money, then leaves after the rush. I think that as a manager, if they realize that someone is doing a horrible job they should take some sort of action, not be like, “Oh, well someone else will do it.”

Sorry so long and rambling, I’m just frustrated that I have no other options other than to leave a job of 5 years that up until recently I’ve absolutely loved :’(


Twenty Seven Cents

I work at a chain restaurant. Last night, on a closing shift, a group of 5 guys walked in a half hour before we closed. We close at Midnight. They were sat in the section of a fellow closing server who was about to leave as he had no tables left and finished his side-work. He was not happy.

For the most part, everyone I work with is really cool and helps out when necessary in a variety of situations, like taking a table in another section if you still have tables – letting the other server leave for the night. I still had one table eating in my table so I took the bullet.

I’m not going to get into particulars like what kind of people they were… But they got incredible service from a kitchen that was trying to break down and clean for the night. I was pleasant and concerned about how the food was. I brought them 4 long Island Ice Teas, and then two more. I brought refills promptly. I politely boxed up 4 out of the 5 plates of food.

I dropped the bill (which totaled $183.73) and waited and waited while they took out STACKS of cash and compared which was thicker etc. They give me $184.00. Out of shock from surreal hilarity, I show fellow employees the .27 cents left. They try to console me and give me the benefit of the doubt, that they will leave me something and urge me to not have an attitude when I drop the billfold with .27 cents back on the table… Insinuating, “Hey guys, don’t forget to leave a tip for your server”. They get up and leave. I go to the table and find that they have taken the measly change left in the bill fold save two pennies (As pictured sans receipt – for a plethora of reasons)

I begin to pre-bus and as I am wiping down the table one of the guys comes out of the bathroom. I confront him.

Me – Hey, just curious to know, was everything ok with the food and service?
Him – Yea… Everything was fine… It was good.
Me – I’m just wanted to know, because you didn’t leave me a tip… I figured I must have done something to you guys…
Him – Aw shit, man, that’s crazy… I thought those guys left you somethin’
Me – Yea… the thing is, because of that, I have now paid to wait on you guys…
Him – Aw man, that’s crazy…(walking away from me, towards the door)

He wasn’t going to give me anything.


Schedule Change

So I’ve been working in the restaurant industry for about 5 years now and had one of the most incredible moments happened to me last week. I found out a few weeks ago that my schedule was changing, which meant I was going to come in several hours later one day. I was disappointed because one of my favorite tables normally comes in early that day, so I realized I wouldn’t see them anymore. On the last day I worked that shift, I informed them that I would be coming in later so I wouldn’t see them anymore. They asked me what time I would be coming in and when I told them they said they would just come in later to see me. I was completely taken aback because they were willing to change their schedule to accommodate me. It was an awesome experience I thought was worth sharing.

~Reginald (Pennsylvania)

Occupy Wall Street (The Rich Don’t Tip, Literally)

Our restaurant, a small pizzeria, is located in the Lower East Side of New York City. While business has been incredibly well on some days, it has been downright unacceptable on others which has forced our delivery radius to expand into the dreaded financial district of the city, better known as Wall Street and it’s environs.

Mind you, we’ve upped our ante with electric delivery bicycles to tackle this issue but having to deliver a pizza on a blustery night with snowfall to some stock jock who lives in a glass penthouse condominium, a block or two off Wall Street is a pain in itself. The best part is, they barely tip 2 dollars, and this is for the majority of the time.

I am college educated, hold a degree and almost hold a master’s degree. If you can afford a pizza, are willing to order a pizza (on seamless, ugh!) from outside your barren wasteland of restaurants ( because honestly, the financial district is a ghost town at night), you could afford more than a two dollar tip when the luxury of your pricey million dollar penthouses!

Also, people who live on the Lower East Side are more generous than any fiscal loser who thinks living near Wall Street is cool.


Four teenagers came in before their prom, ordered *almost* $100.00 worth of food (as you can see), and all had plenty enough to pay. I had the only two tables in the restaurant, the other was the same group, split up (thankfully the other was a big-top, so at least I got a meager auto-grat). When one young man at the smaller table gave me the check presenter back, he said ”That’s all you.” So I thanked him and went to cash out.

receipt25My jaw dropped in disbelief when I opened it– five $20 bills. The cost of their meal was $98.67. A whole dollar and thirty-three cents was mine, all mine! At the urging of another server who had used this trick many times (the idea behind it being that perhaps they didn’t notice there’s not gratuity on the bill, and if they’re just being no-tipping douchebags, perhaps that will make them feel guilty enough to put a little extra in there), I underlined the ”a gratuity is not included” line and took the presenter back.

I watched in absolute shock as the boy opened the presenter, TOOK THE DOLLAR, and left me a $.33 tip. Never have I so badly wanted to pelt someone in the head with change.

For those wondering, no. There were no mistakes. They never saw the bottom of their glasses, they had all the condiments they needed (which were MANY), they were checked on, I was polite, everything. It was a very slow day, I was absolutely desperate for tips and had nothing else to do. TEENAGERS.


My Medium Well Steak Is Pink Inside

So my mom and I went to eat at a restaurant here at the hotel the other night, and she ordered it medium well. After getting our food, she cuts into her steak and then complains that it’s ‘not done’. I ask her what does she mean, and she says that it’s pink inside. I pretty much told her that anytime you order steak ‘medium whatever’, it’s going to be some degree of pink. She ordered medium well, so that’s what she got.

She then tells me that she ordered her steak well done (which she did not) and swears by it. Who am I to argue with my own mother? I offered to take care of the check, because I knew full well she wouldn’t give the standard amount for the tip.