Never Correct A Customer’s English…Even If You Are Right

Customer left this with me (see below)…

She asked for the SALmon (pronouncing the “L”). I confirmed back to her that she wanted the salmon (without pronouncing the “L”).

I never said “you’re pronouncing it wrong” or made a big deal. I just repeated it back, saying it the right way.

Sir, if your wife wants to sound like an idiot for the rest of her life that’s fine. But don’t expect me to not gently encourage her to sound like she has two brain cells to rub together.


-Submitted by Ravn-

I Generally Tip 20 Percent, But…

This was my co-workers. She was ran by this table like a horse. She did everything in her power to help them. She gave them free sodas and dessert for their trouble of skipping the wait list and being seated immediately on a Friday night at 7pm and also was told she was doing a great job; only to receive this as her tip.


Note Reads: I generally tip 20%! I did this in my college days and enjoy good service. My meals were not served on time, food was cold and drinks took 20 minutes. I am not tipping you based on the poor service.

(Submitted By Joshua)

Cocktail Expert Xania Woodman Brags About Stiffing Bartender

So here is a great one because this comes from Xania Woodman who is a self-proclaimed cocktail expert who writes articles about cocktails in a local magazine and somehow ends up being a judge in all the cocktail completions here in Las Vegas even though I don’t think she’s EVER worked behind the stick. She had no problem that she stiffed the bartender at a bar she frequents regularly. Please put this bitch on blast!


(Submitted By Scott)

Your Service Sucks!

service sucks

(Submitted By Heather)

Does this person just have these on hand whenever he or she gets shitty service? You know you have to be a shitty customer if you make personal cards like this to hand out to servers…