I’m A Diabetic!


The best part is she ate pasta for dinner!!! Not really a diabetic option. Asshole!!!

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Customer Leaves Server An Anti-Gay Message On Receipt

I woke up to these two photos this morning on my news feed from a friend I used to work with in Rochester, New York. I first want to say that these images made me literally sick to my stomach. Coming from a gay male myself, I couldn’t believe that someone would even consider (let alone think of) doing such a thing of bigotry. This server trained me at this establishment when I first moved to New York and is a really outstanding person. I also left South Carolina to escape such bigotry! It really surprised me to see that a place where I felt that all people are really accepted would breed such a person of bigotry and hate! I have since moved back to South Carolina. In the 13 years that I have waited tables I have never had anything happen like this to me! It really bothered me all day and was in the back of my mind and I just wanted to share this with this website/group. It really makes me sad and angry. Thanks for your time.

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Receipt Reads:

You’re a faggot. God hates you. Die you fucking queer.

Check totals $57.66
Tip Line: $0.0o

I Said No Tomato

Something I can’t but get pissed about. One of the people I thought was a nice person recently did this. But I have faith in society…a lot of her friends jumped her shit for it.

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It’s sad this person was actually proud of this and felt the need to advertise it on their Facebook Page…

I Tip Minimum So People In The Industry Can Get Higher Wages

I have worked in the food industry for about 5 years now, and while I have experienced a few awful customers and crappy tips, I recently had an experience to top them all. Being that it was the weekend, we were in the middle of our incredibly busy dinner rush. We serve (unlimited) chips and salsa to our tables, and the pace of the restaurant is incredibly quick. I was serving an older couple, and they were very friendly the entire time. Always saying please and thank-you, and making polite conversation when I had time to do so. I had left their bill on the table at the end of the meal, and when I saw cash on the table I walked over and let them know I would be back with their change shortly.

The woman grabbed the tray with the cash on it, and stopped me to tell me something.


Total was $26.72 plus a $1.00 tip

Handing me the money she said, “Oh, we don’t need any change. I know that I should tip you bigger, and I would but I am doing you all a favor. If everybody tips minimum, eventually you in this industry can go on strike to get higher wages (currently my wage is $3.63/hr), that way you will get paid better and we can tip less as a whole.”

Because I didn’t want to be rude, as guests are always #1, I just smiled and politely thanked her, but also let her know that that would NEVER happen. Ha! I am adding a picture of the bill total and what she left me as a tip.

I just had to share, because I cannot believe the nerve of some people. I also wanted to tell her that if everybody tipped minimum, I wouldn’t be able to afford my schooling to get into the career I really want to do. And that if all the servers went on strike, restaurants would hire an entire new staff that were willing to work for such small wages.

Jeesh! Luckily MOST people don’t think this way.


Racist Customer Left Check With ‘None N*****’ Written In Tip Section

UPDATE 9/10/13: Devin Barnes has now responded and denies the accusations…

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WSMV Channel 4

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A server working at a Red Lobster restaurant in an affluent suburb of Nashville, Tennessee was subjected to a racist jibe after customers left the words ‘none ni**er’ in the tip section of the check.

Toni Christina Jenkins, who is 19, was in the middle of her shift at the seafood restaurant in Franklin and serving a couple of customers who racked up a $45 bill during their afternoon meal.

When the time came to pay the check, Miss Jenkins, who is training to be a nurse, found the racist insult written on the couple’s receipt.


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