I am starting my own redistribution plan…like Obama


In case you can’t read the writing here is what it says:


Your service was Great. The Reason for No tip – I am starting my own Redistribution Plan Like Obama – Started 11/6/12 – I no Longer Tip or Donate to Charities. I give the Money to My Church instead & wounded warriors.

Thanks for Understanding

PS. Please Don’t Be offended I will Redistribute My own Money as I See fit!

Twins on the way…can’t tip!


Note on receipt says:

Thank you for your excellent service

Normally I tip, but I have twins on the way so have to prepare. I am truly sorry

I have another way you could “prepare”…don’t spend the money to eat out…

Better Job Next Time


Next time you try to insult me please have it spell checked first. This cracked me up…raggedy bitches come out once a month when they get their welfare and cut up. Besides…my smile is amazing!!! On the bright side…the people two tables over heard what happened and gave me a 20 on their 30 dollar bill.