Four teenagers came in before their prom, ordered *almost* $100.00 worth of food (as you can see), and all had plenty enough to pay. I had the only two tables in the restaurant, the other was the same group, split up (thankfully the other was a big-top, so at least I got a meager auto-grat). When one young man at the smaller table gave me the check presenter back, he said ”That’s all you.” So I thanked him and went to cash out.

receipt25My jaw dropped in disbelief when I opened it– five $20 bills. The cost of their meal was $98.67. A whole dollar and thirty-three cents was mine, all mine! At the urging of another server who had used this trick many times (the idea behind it being that perhaps they didn’t notice there’s not gratuity on the bill, and if they’re just being no-tipping douchebags, perhaps that will make them feel guilty enough to put a little extra in there), I underlined the ”a gratuity is not included” line and took the presenter back.

I watched in absolute shock as the boy opened the presenter, TOOK THE DOLLAR, and left me a $.33 tip. Never have I so badly wanted to pelt someone in the head with change.

For those wondering, no. There were no mistakes. They never saw the bottom of their glasses, they had all the condiments they needed (which were MANY), they were checked on, I was polite, everything. It was a very slow day, I was absolutely desperate for tips and had nothing else to do. TEENAGERS.


Less Than One Percent Tip On An 85 Pizza Delivery Order

Since a picture of the receipt popped up on Reddit Tuesday, jfastman’s post has more than 130,000 views with nearly 2,000 comments in less than one day.

pizzatipThe image’s headline reads: “My friend delivers 85 pizzas today and was tipped 10 bucks.”

The picture shows the bill came to $1,453.93. In doing the math, the $10 tip was 0.69 percent of the order’s total cost.

I’m sure the delivery guy not only had to deliver these pizzas but also had to carry all 85 pizzas out to his car as well as carry them into the place he delivered. Not to mention this is probably the only delivery he had for the day since it probably took all of his time preparing and delivering it. What a bunch of a-holes.

Source: IMGUR