Operation Tucci – In Honor Of David Santucci

Today I received this from a lovely lady and her family. I went to my table to pick up my slips and she left this for me. I don’t know who these people are but god bless them and the person they’ve lost. This act of kindness truly touched my heart and I hope one day to see them again so I can give thanks. There are still good people out there. 🙂




Receipt note:

David Santucci was a guy who dedicated his life to serving others. This gift today is in honor of his memory. Pass it on!


President Barack Obama Leaves a 52 Percent Tip For His Server

We got this one way before TMZ but never got around to posting it yet (shameful, we know) ;)…

President Barack Obama had lunch at Magnolia’s Deli and Cafe in Rochester New York and ended up leaving a $30 tip on top of an already added gratuity of $16.64 for his server…all together a 52% tip!



Note To Restaurant Manager

A very nice couple left me this sweet note, along with a 50% tip! It made me so happy, so i thought I would share!



Note to Restaurant Mgr:

Ashley made our dinner very enjoyable. She is an asset to your restaurant. My wife and I travel a lot and Ruby Tuesday is one of our favorites. Ashley is by far one of the best waitresses we have had the pleasure of having waited on us. You are lucky too, my offices are too far away or I would hire her myself. Excellent customer service skills and a good work ethic are a rare combination. Tell her “Thank-You” please from Pat and Lisa.

Where Upon I Observe You Get A 5 Dollar Tip

My first table today was one young Untied States Navy man. He was very polite and said please and thank you more times than I can remember. This is what he left next to his nicely stacked dirty dishes on the edge of the table when he left. As well as a $5 tip.



Space and time are therefore “relative” to the observer, hence, “theory of relativity.”

Where upon I observe that Laura gets a 5 dollar tip!!

Thanks Laura!