Accio tip!

My roommate bonded with a table over Harry Potter this week. This was her receipt.



The Kindness Of Others

A little over a week ago I had a 10 top that was absolutely the worst I’ve dealt with in the 10+ years I’ve been in this industry. After a beyond frustrating night, a couple at the table directly next to them complimented me on how I handled the situation once the assholes had left. That alone was enough to make me feel a lot better about the situation. When I opened the book from the couple’s table, I about cried…




Don’t Interrupt The A-hole Customer

bobevansSo today I had a table come in and I walked up being my happy self and said “how is everybody doing today?!” with a smile. The dad of the group looked at me and said “can I ask you a question?” I of course said yes. He proceeded to tell me “when you approach a table, make sure they aren’t having a conversation that you are rudely interrupting because I would have liked to finish my sentence.” I backed away from the table and him I was going to have another server take over for me (because I didn’t deserve that and wasn’t dealing with it). As I walked away he yelled “yea and make sure they know not to interrupt me too!” At this point I start crying because I had never been disrespected like that. I told my manager that someone else needed to deal with them and told him what happened. While I was in back two of my other tables went up and complained about how rude the guy at the table was to me and how I did nothing wrong and didn’t deserve it. Other people’s tables were even coming up to complain. My five top asked the manager to move to the other side of the restaurant because they didn’t want to be anywhere near the table that was rude to me. They requested that I still be their waitress though. They were very nice and told me to smile and said how great I was at my job. Well, when they left they told the girl who was cashing them out to let me know to smile because I deserve to. They then went on to leave me a $75 tip and said I deserved it. It made my week! Some people really have the kindest hearts. It turned my night completely around. I just want them to know they made me smile. 🙂



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A Really Happy Birthday

OMG2This past February I turned 25. I had no plans for anything big, so when a shift opened up at work, I took it. It was an extremely slow shift. One of those days you know you are not making any money, however, I was happy to be around my co-workers, they always find a way to make me smile. This story is not about them though. Its about a couple who, overheard it was my birthday from another server and left me a very generous tip. I tried to say it was too much, but they just told me to buy myself something nice. I was so happy for the rest of my shift. I didn’t expect anything for my birthday, but they made it something to remember.




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