I Give God 0%

applebees4In response to the Applebee’s scandal, a customer left this for a server on a to-go order at another Applebee’s.

I Give God 10%

god2How very Christian of you!

The person who posted this photo was actually fired for posting this. (See article HERE)

Here is a video interview of the pastor who wrote the comment HERE. (Warning: The pastor seems to spill pure bullshit out of her ignorant, ass mouth for the entire interview.)

This has caused an uproar throughout the media and many people are saying they will ban Applebee’s for firing the employee. While it wasn’t the best idea for her to post this photo on the internet, I don’t think she deserved to be fired. If anyone should be fired it should be the pastor who demanded that all the employees be fired at this particular Applebee’s location. Ever heard of forgiveness lady?

Prepaid Debit Card

olivegardenThought I would share this “tip” I received today. 6 top table. 3 adults 3 kids. The adults all ordered entrees (including dessert) and has salad/soup beforehand. Did not order any food for the kids. Only thing I saw them eating was bread. Two separate checks. Although the other one only left me $3, this one was by far worse. If you notice, the customer used a prepaid debit card. It showed me how much she had left in her account. Almost $1300 and she left me a FUCKING DOLLAR… All after verbally tipping me (“you’ve done great” blah blah blah). I’m still flabbergasted.

Well Done!


I would love it if a table did this for me. It’s good to know what is appreciated from customers. I’d also like to know when I do something wrong. It’s all about communication. 🙂