Tonight I was scheduled to be in at 5…I take the bus so I am always early. I got to work at around 4:20 today and went to the host stand to check my section and noticed a couple sitting at one of my tables (no big deal, I’m not on for another 40 minutes). I head to the back where I proceed to chat with coworkers for a few. At about 4:30 my manager tells me that I can clock in if I want. I decide to and head to the host stand to tell them I’m on. As I walk out of the kitchen I notice that the couple is still sitting there and they haven’t been helped. I walk up and immediately start taking care of them. They aren’t upset at all that they have been sitting there for over 10 minutes, but I still talk to my manager and he comps their meal. When I notice they are about done I let them know that their bill has been taken care of and that I was sorry about the wait. The gentleman reaches into his wallet, hands me $10, and apologizes to me that he cant leave me more because it was all the cash he had as he was planning to pay with a credit card and leave the 10 in cash. It was pretty nice getting a tip at all knowing that they would have had every right to NOT tip after being left unattended for over 10 minutes…


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