I think I will post this on every comment that says the name of this site is discriminatory towards poor people. The name is about common sense and living within your means…it’s not a difficult concept people! If you make the excuse that you can’t “afford” to tip, then you can’t “afford” to spend money to eat out in the first place! I’m not made of money either, but I know when I go out to eat, a tip will be part of the expense. If that extra 20% is really going to break me, I probably shouldn’t be spending the money to eat out in the first place. Instead I should spend that money at the grocery store where that money can feed my family and I for at least a week.

I’ve heard all types of people make this excuse…rich, broke, young old. “The economy is SO bad that I can’t ‘afford’ the tip, yet I can spend $200+ dollars on some wine when eating out…”

Let’s all just agree that all this “afford” crap is just an excuse to be cheap…plain and simple.