Absolutely the worst experience of my life at an Applebee’s, Evansville Indiana …maybe ever in my history of eating out … I thought the sweet nothing is wrong attitude of my server her horrible service( who visits as soon as sat down and ask if it taste ok … I don’t know yet so come back when you think it’s a better time like in 15 mins ok …Really … or knowledge of the food attitude about me asking about side items. Potatoes is It right ? … You guys don’t have a drink menu .?!?!
the wait on my food half my food being cold .. When I had to pry the new mayonnaise safety wrap off my bottle after they forgot to dress my burger. After i asked I received a heel of the lettuce four small pickles and the peel of the onion and a soggy tomatoes .. Thanks !! … I got handed this THE lid was broke it sprayed all over me … The attitude and basic confirmation that I was still going to require this EVEN though she has concerned how she must involve her manager … WHY ? Is that my business. Remove the unwanted item be done with it …..when I asked to remove a automated order thingy I placed … It ,I think sealed the deal as I removed a fake hair from my mouth from my cold potatoes :-: So after I literally got sick because I ate someone’s hair. Mind you im long blonde it was artificial black curly I begged for my receipt to leave as I threw up outside. Thanks waste of $55