A couple, who were regulars at a local Cracker Barrel in Branson, MO, decided to make a waitress’s day by giving her an extremely generous tip for the holidays.

Whenever Gary and Roxann Tackett visited the restaurant they always noticed an old, battered vehicle in the parking lot. After seeing it so many times they asked a few employees if it was abandoned. The couple were told that the vehicle actually belonged to one of the employees, Cindi Grady.

Out of the goodness of their heart they both decided something needed to be done to help this employee out. On Thanksgiving weekend they surprised Grady with a 2008 Ford Fusion decorated with a red bow. The Tackett’s daughter recorded the whole encounter and uploaded it to Facebook, where it has since went viral. (Video provided below)

Cindi told Yahoo News “It restored my faith in humanity…There are good people in the world watching…that care…and you might not even know them.”