Barbara: I’m very disappointed in Olive Garden. Not your food. But, my grandaughter and her seven children, lives at Fort Dix, NN. Her husband, a Maj. in the Air Force, was deployed in late Oct. The children were heartbroken to have their dad leave and upon hearing that Olive Garden was giving free dinners for Veterans Day, their mother thought she’d take them to dinner there and take their mind off the sadness. But, was told her husband would have to be with her . She told them she had his papers of his deployment but they refused. I can understand the rules, but the manager could have comped the meal for this family. I also know the rules of comping when a customer complains. etc.
Just this once, that coould have happened. Taking 8 people is to dinner is quite an expense. ( For them but not for Olive Garden)

It’s called Veteran’s Day Barbara…not Related To A Veteran’s Day. They have to draw the line somewhere or else everyone will be eating for free.