I’m not sure why they refused to give her hot water, but I still get a kick out of the fact that she thinks hot water is going to sanitize her utensils better than the 180 degree water from the dishwasher at the restaurant…


Consuela: I like IHOP and all but how in the Sam hell they are going to refuse a customer hot water? I like to put my silverware in hot water everywhere I go because those utensils are not very clean. I think that is poor customer service to refuse to give a customer what she ask for. But they will give you HOT COFFEE, HOT CHOCOLATE, HOT FOOD AND WHATEVER ELSE IS HOT BUT NOT HOT WATER. IHOP will not get my service again EVER!!!! I don’t know why they trying to act funny with the hot water when you walk outside the parking lot smells like sewer. They need to be worried about that if anything. IHOP in Columbia,SC on Two Notch Rd. sucks!!!!!!