I woke up to these two photos this morning on my news feed from a friend I used to work with in Rochester, New York. I first want to say that these images made me literally sick to my stomach. Coming from a gay male myself, I couldn’t believe that someone would even consider (let alone think of) doing such a thing of bigotry. This server trained me at this establishment when I first moved to New York and is a really outstanding person. I also left South Carolina to escape such bigotry! It really surprised me to see that a place where I felt that all people are really accepted would breed such a person of bigotry and hate! I have since moved back to South Carolina. In the 13 years that I have waited tables I have never had anything happen like this to me! It really bothered me all day and was in the back of my mind and I just wanted to share this with this website/group. It really makes me sad and angry. Thanks for your time.

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