Submitted by Shana

Looking for advice… My restaurant is a corporate chain that is “cutting costs” for the winter. They used to have a fountain person, responsible for takeout and desserts, that made over $9 an hour, and a dishwasher who made around the same wage. They also cut our greeter. This is all on weekdays. We, as servers, make 2.63 an hour. We greet and seat the door, wait on our tables, make the desserts, bus and clean the tables, and are required to rack our dishes and put them away when they are done washing. All this is in addition to the sidework and silverware rolling we are already required to do. When hired, I never agreed to this nor was it ever mentioned. I feel that this is not legal and taking advantage of us. It’s pretty much slave work if you ask me. I Need advice! This doesn’t seem right.