We came here tonight (11/1/13–Fayetteville, NY location) to celebrate my wife’s birthday. Waited an HOUR for a table for 8. Then waited ANOTHER HOUR for our food. Super slow service, food was cold(I realize this was the kitchen’s fault, not our server) BUT then we got our bill and they slapped us with a MANDATORY 18% tip!! Seriously? After that horrible dinner service? We are regulars here. We celebrate ALL our family birthdays here. We will NOT be back!! They also changed the burgers and fries. Menu was different too. Not a good change. Can’t believe we wasted $130 and 3 HOURS here!! We also ordered a burger TO GO and they added an 18% tip to that bill as well!!! Rip–off!!

The best response ever from a fan of our page…

The first issue I’d like to tear you a new one for: you showed up on a busy Friday night with a party of 8 and expected to be seated right away because you’re regulars and it’s someones birthday? congratulations on being born! Everyone on the wait list ahead of your group was probably celebrating a birthday too so just calm your tits while we rally the troops (I NEED BIRTHDAY SINGERS!!!)

Secondly, you acknowledged that the server was NOT at fault, and yet felt it was ludicrous to pay the 18% SERVICE fee. Not COOK fee. Not DISHWASHER fee. Not RED ROBIN’S FUCKING AMBIANCE fee. but service fee. The reason large groups see automatic service fees is because, well, the larger the group, the needier the table. Couples are a piece of cake. Family of 4? Pie. But you come strolling in with your rabid, snarling wolfpack of 8? suddenly EVERYONE wanted no ice in their water (Wait, you forgot the lemon in mine!). Everyone wants refills at different times. everyone forgot one last thing that the server has to go back into Kitchen Stadium for. Plus, more often than not, when a large group splits a bill, everyone wants to act like someone else paid the ENTIRE tip. ergo, NO ONE tips, except the honest Abe that left his $5.

How about next time there’s a birthday, throw a good ole fashioned BBQ in your backyard. you can go bobbin’ for apples and everything! and NO SERVICE FEE! damn what a deal!