A Texas family claims to have been kicked out of an Applebee’s for their children being too loud. The manager of the restaurant contacted the authorities and they were given a notice warning for criminal trespassing by a Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy.

Kens5 News reports that an Applebee’s spokesperson profusely apologized for what happened and said the management team had mishandled the situation. The restaurant also invited the family to come back and offered them free passes for dinner.

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Source: Family kicked out of Applebee’s over children’s ‘active’ behavior

We are clearly not getting the full story here…

As usual another corporate restaurant gives in and sucks up to the customer when they raise hell and make them look bad. God forbid they get the full story and back up their employee for once. I’m sure they will be firing the manager soon enough. As we all know, the customer is always right, even when they are wrong.