Jane: Went to Olive Garden around 6:30 last night.. got home about 8:30.. worst service ever!!! The young girl, with every correction we let her know she had made, used the excuse.. sorry, I am new. Just a FEW things she did.. she grabbed my glass of tea out of my hand that I had barely drank to replace it with a fresh one.. I grabbed it back telling her I wasn’t finished. She tried to grab it back!! She never offered the grated cheese on anything! When we asked for something, it took her 5-10 minutes to return.. sometimes without what we had asked for. My friend had asked for more napkins and had to remind her. When she did bring ONE, it was a very dirty used cloth one and she handed it to me. My friend never got her napkins.When we got our check, it was wrong! We got fed up hearing the ‘I’m new’ over & over and had a long talk with the manager. We let him know that we had both been in the restaurant business and had experience in training staff.The meal was comped. We suggested that she be trained better and even suggested their best waiter for her to follow. The day before, my mother and I had been to a different location of Olive Garden and that wait person wasn’t as bad, but she still showed she slacked proper training and we had to speak to the manager. On top of what we endured, she wore her hair, or a hair piece, on top of her head and every time she approached to table, she held her head like her hair was going to fall off any second.. mom thought something was wrong with her eyes.. because she would hold them wide open. It was very annoying!! These were not the only bad experiences with your wait staff, but the one last night was the worst! PLEASE, start a better training program for your wait staff!!