I work at The Cheesecake Factory in Aventura – the biggest tourist area in North Miami. It was my last round of tables on a busy Friday night, and overall, I had had a pretty decent night.

I was sat this French couple with their 3 or 4 year old daughter. They were pretty awful, extremely needy, very short with me, and would snap their fingers at me while I was at other tables. They did this multiple times when I was with the table right next to them, who happened to be a very nice young couple who I liked a lot! The looks on their faces to see how rude they were to me were priceless, and they kept giving me very apologetic looks.

Finally, it was time for the French couple to close out, they left me $3 on $80. Surprise surprise. I was expecting it, so it didn’t upset me too much. What I wasn’t expecting was the young couple next to them to make up for their lack of tip, adding an extra tip line to their check and writing “for the lovely couple next to us that left you $3. God Bless America.” It totally made my night, and there really are some truly awesome people out there.

(Submitted By Brittany)