SAN TAN VALLEY, Arizona – Rather than participating in a traditional senior prank, a tradition that students have gotten in trouble for in the past at Combs High School, a group of seniors decided it would be better to “Prank It Forward”.


The high school students organized a plan to raise money to give to a server at a local Olive Garden who needed help paying medical bills. They felt that an act of kindness such as this one would leave a better impact than a traditional prank and hope to start a tradition for future graduating seniors.

“As he opened it all the money was right there, and he was like “Um here you you go” and we were like, “No, Combs High School is presenting this prank it forward to you because you deserve it”,” said Angelica Whinnery. (KDFW)

Patrons and employees in the restaurant applauded the seniors for their random act of kindness.

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