So now we are going to use Obama as a reason not to tip??

Ok people…it’s time to put our big girl/boy pants on and act like adults about this…

America has spoken- It may not be the candidate you wanted, but that’s not what democracy is all about. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not only our opinion and ideas that count. It’s the opinions and ideas of the entire country. What we all should do now is pray that BOTH Democrats and Republicans can find a way to work together for the common good of the people. Change starts with each of us! Mr Romney has conceded- it’s time that everyone else follow! Wishing failure on the President won’t help any of us. I’m praying for President Obama. I believe in the power of prayer and that is my responsibility at this point. If you want to see the economy improve, jobs get created, and improvements in social policies, then you should be rooting for our elected officials that they can work together to make it happen. No matter how much you complain, how rude your comments get, how much you think another candidate should have won, the country selected Obama. The last 4 years are behind us-we must begin to look forward for what can be done for tomorrow! That’s what this country is all about.