I forgot the tip

(the total is AFTER a $10 coupon was used)

A woman came out to eat lunch today with her son and daughter. She slid me a business card with a message saying “It’s my daughter’s birthday today” on the back. She found me later and I informed her we don’t do anything for birthdays but if she found a dessert she wanted to purchase I would bring it out with a candle. She told me later (at the table in front of her daughter) that her daughter wanted dessert, but was very vague about which specific one she wanted. After about three tries of trying to understand I still didn’t get a specific answer on which of the two similar desserts on the menu she wanted. I ended up misunderstanding her and bringing out the wrong one. I let her know I was deeply sorry, brought her a to-go box, and took the dessert off of the check. She “seemed” very thankful and was nice the entire time until she left and I saw her credit card slip. I ended up exploding in tears right then and there (I rarely cry on the job). I had one of the worst Memorial Day shifts EVER. This lady gave me her business card and I have ALL of her information, yet she had the gull to do something so shameful and RUN out the door after filling out this slip. Such a hurtful thing to do when your server makes a slight mistake (and some of it was her fault) :/ OIY!~


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