I just came across this joke of an article on Seriouslyfacts and I had to showcase their stupidity. Tiara (the author of this article) seems to be extremely confused on what the dining out experience is exactly and continually contradicts herself throughout her rambling. I really do wonder where these people come from…she clearly has never worked in the service industry. It may be possible she has never experienced any human interaction at all from the looks of it…


Below are the author’s list of things waiters do that are rude…


10. Complain or bring up the topic of not getting enough tip from you. Giving a tip is not the law around the planet, and telling a customer that they did something wrong by not tipping enough is plain wrong.


  •  Would you like to know what else is “plain wrong”? Not tipping your server for running their ass around catering to you and giving you great service! It’s also not the law for a server to give you good service, so you may want to avoid any second visits. 😉



9. Not help you with your food questions or order if they are not your assigned waiter, but pick up your credit card or cash for payment when you put down your payment on your table.


  • Where exactly are you dining that this has happened? Could it possibly be that the waiter you are talking to is walking by and busy helping their own tables? I have never ignored a customer who was not sitting at my table. Either way, MOST servers do not do this.



8. Pour water into your glass by tilting the jug on its side, resulting in water splashes all over you or your table.


  • I can see how this one could be annoying. But to write an article about…eh I think not…



7. Bring you the check very quickly, and repeatedly asking about the payment in different forms just to get you to leave so that a new customer can sit in your place.


  • Let me guess…you would bitch if they took too long to bring your payment to you as well right?



6. Not pay attention to you when you need help, like when you need a refill of your water glass after you eat something spicy.


  • Yes…us servers do these type of things often and on purpose…we love to see you suffer!



5. Touch your plate, glass or spoons and forks all over with bare hands.


  • Again…what?? Would you like me to magically float your plate to your table instead?



4. Touch a lot to try to get more tips.Touching strangers for pleasure or for money, by trying to make the stranger feel good unconsciously, is unacceptable.


  • Um…I think you have us confused with prostitutes…



3.  Take away your plate if your friend or someone else in your party is still eating, or vice versa.


  • Most people don’t want an empty dirty plate in front of them. Apparently you prefer it? Unless you are eating at a fine dining restaurant, I don’t see what the problem is. If it bothers you so much use that mouth you have and say you aren’t finished! Servers don’t do this to rush you…they do it because it’s their job and they are trying to give you more room at your table.



2. Ask questions while food is in our mouth. This is another tactic used by waiters. When your mouth is full, you may say anything to tell the waiter to get lost so you can chomp down your food, including “Yes, it’s good.”


  • Yes…it is our goal to only ask you questions when your mouth is full. You have figured us out! Your dining out experience is all just a game to us. It has nothing to do with the fact that you are stuffing your mouth with food 90% of the time you are dining at a restaurant to EAT! It has everything to do with servers setting out to make your life a living hell!



1. Giving you way too much attention, including asking you about the food or service or your needs and talking to you a lot while you try to focus on eating or while you try to talk to the people you came with.


  • I’m confused…according to number 6 you want more attention. Which is it?




In conclusion, you are just a needy, uptight asshole who has nothing better to do but whine about people who cater to you. Hey Tiara…next time you write an article, make sure you know what the fuck you are talking about to back up your argument. You are clueless. If servers bother you so much here is a solution…EAT AT HOME!

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