As if the Red Lobster Endless Shrimp promo wasn’t already a miserable experience for the restaurant’s employees, it has now become popular for some customers to brag about the amount of shrimp they consumed by posting pictures on the restaurant’s Facebook page of their “accomplishment”…


Just got done with endless shrimp at Red Lobster! 1089 shrimp total! I had 278 myself, Stan W***** had 278, Wade W***** had 175, Zachariah P****** had 177, and Michael P******* had 181!!


This man ate 290 shrimp tonight at you Wooster store and would of ate more buy felt sorry that the waitress was waiting for him to finish so she could go home.


Joseph ******  Yuma Arizona Red Lobster 500 Shrimpstache


162 shrimp this year, Would of had more but the wife said it was time to leave.


160 Shrimp Scampi’s am I full..the manager told me that Red Lobster is bringing Endless Shrimp back in January again..I am so excited, I told him I am hoping to make it to Lobstar of the Week and he told me maybe I should consider hanging a few Shrimp Scampi’s from my ears but told him I wasn’t wasting one single Shrimp Scampi, even for that…I love my Shrimp Scampi. I take a picture of every bowl filled with Shrimp.

Congratulations! You have all now officially proven you are all fat asses. 🙂