Fifteen Years ago a teenager, Mathew Sanchez, took his girlfriend out for a Valentine’s Day dinner at Le Cafe Miche in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Towards the end of the meal Sanchez realized he didn’t have enough money to cover the bill. To save him embarrassment in front of his date, the restaurant’s owner, chef Claus Hjortkjaer, paid Sanchez’s bill for him and said “If you can pay me back sometime, great, and if you can’t, I can live with that too.”

More than 15 years later, Sanchez is now an attorney at the law firm of Sheehan and Sheehan in downtown Albuquerque. On a lunch break he noticed that Le Cafe Miche had reopened since it closed it’s doors a few years back. “I just remember thinking this is an amazing opportunity,” he said. He immediately went to the ATM to withdraw enough money to repay the restaurant owner, plus interest.
Claus says he was so stunned at the time he was handed the 100 dollars, he didn’t get the chance to catch the man’s name. He says he’d like him to come back. he has a great glass of wine waiting for him.

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