I would like a Manager to contact me concerning this complaint. On July 22, 2013 at noon at Store #1412 in Ft. Worth on Alta Mesa my son left both of his retainers (for his teeth after braces) on table #16/1 when we left. We tried calling the phone number for several minutes around 3 pm but it went to a fax machine so we made the 30 minute drive back to the store. No one had turned them in to Lost & Found and they weren’t on the table. I offered to look thru the trash because they cost $300 to replace at Monarch Dental. I was told no. The Manager said that he wouldn’t look thru the trash & I told him he wouldn’t have to because we would do it willingly. He again said no & that it wasn’t his responsibility & that he didn’t want trash all over his parking lot. I stated that I was a single parent and could not afford the $300 to replace them. He again said it wasn’t his responsibility & just turned around and shut the door. Couldn’t he see that I was trying to teach my son a valuable life lesson on being responsible?

In your opinion, do you think think the manager handled this situation correctly?