Thoughts from our member Hannah


I cannot stand the people who go on and on about serving not being a “real job”….how utterly pretentious and ridiculous. Do you like going out to eat and drink, having all the work done for you? Because if we were not here serving you, you’d be having to take care of your own cooking and cleaning. If it’s that hard for you to do for yourself, think about how hard it often is for us to do for loads of people, almost every day of the week. A lot of us have families, debts, mortgages….you can bet ALL of us have rent and bills to pay, and groceries to buy…we work our asses off serving you to support ourselves and loved ones. How dare you have the nerve to judge just how important this job is.

Thoughts from our member Kathy


It takes many, and all kinds, of people to make the world go ’round; not everyone is meant to be a Doctor, a mechanic, or work in an office! Each and every job that we hold has importance, none better or above another – this is how it works! I’ve been working a server/bartender for the last 27 years, it’s my “REAL JOB”, I’m proud of what I do, I love what I do, and I would not trade this job for any other job in the world!

Thoughts from our member Annette


I have been a waitress in the same restaurant for 22 years. My customers are more than patrons, they are family. They have watched me grow, go through a marriage and a divorce, raise my girls. Some of them are elderly and I know that I am probably the only conversation they will have all day. It may not pay as much as a CEO and may not be as rewarding as a doctor but it has given me a comfortable lifestyle and I enjoy making people smile… even if it is just by pouring them a cup of coffee. 🙂


“We are all someone’s hero…I just wear my cape in the front & call it an apron” – Destanie