From our page member Kimberly:


I am at times a Doctor.
I am at times a psychiatrist.
I am a banker .
I am a caregiver.
I am a hostess.
I am at times a Janitor.
I am at times a cook.
I am a Woman who is a Mother, and makes a living being a Food Server.
I am Happy to be me.

A story from our page member Cassie


First if all I’m 37 weeks pregnant and serving is not easy in the least bit. I had a middle aged couple the other morning that were talking to me about it. The lady asked if I had a wipes warmer because babies don’t like cold wipes, especially in the winter. I told her I had never thought about getting one. I then mentioned that I was worried about the bath water temperature (this is my first) and that I wanted to get a bath thermometer. The couple left and about an hour later they returned with a gift bag. It included a pack of wipes, a wipes warmer and a bath thermometer! I was so surprised. People like them make my day 🙂

It’s Not My Job…

It's Not My Job

Don’t you just love those lazy coworkers you have to deal with on a daily basis!? 🙂

Get a Real Job?

I just LOVE when people tell me to get a “real job”. Apparently I make “fake” money, to pay all of my “fake” bills, and live in a “fake” house. What the hell is a “fake” job anyways? And who are YOU to tell ME how I should make a living?