Tonight it was my Mom’s 79th birthday. We decided that the whole family would go to Red Lobster for the evening. We had about 25 people. We called and they told us they didn’t take reservations, but if we would just come earlier than the 6:30pm time we requested that they would take our name and begin lining up tables to accommodate us. It was snowing pretty bad tonight and the roads slowed everyone down, still we all managed to arrive at 6:15pm only to be informed by management that because we weren’t there at 6pm they gave the couple of tables they began to save away and that it would be a 45 minute wait before they could have enough room to seat us. The Manager actually told us, “All the restaurants are going to be that long of a wait…it IS New Years Day!!?
At that point we called Logan’s Steak House which was across the street. They said they’d be happy to have us and would seat us immediately! We drove right over and enjoyed a great meal at a great restaurant who found a way to accommodate the $500 tab we brought to them! It’s little things like this that put Red Lobster out of business.