Since the Paula Deen controversy where she gave a legal deposition in which she admitted to past use of the N-word and other discriminatory remarks, Deen has lost several paying gigs from companies such as The Food Network, Walmart, Target, etc.

See Timeline of Controversy HERE. (E Online)

But many supporters of Deen are reaching out to Cracker Barrel, the same company known for discriminatory practices in the past against African Americans, to support the star. Several posts on Cracker Barrel’s Facebook Page are asking the company to carry Deen’s products as merchandise in their shops…









And then there was this post, which I felt the need to chime in…


I’ve honestly not paid too much attention to this story until I visited Cracker Barrel’s Facebook page looking for complaints from patrons, and instead coming across posts about Paula Deen. I’m curious what everyone else thinks…what is your opinion on the controversy? Do you feel it is being blown way out of proportion or do you feel Deen is getting what she deserves?