Janent: This is the worst fb site ever!! First of all why should I have to pay you for taking my order? perhaps you should complain to your boss or the restaurant chain you work for. If they ain’t paying you enough then find another job smile emoticon paying my Tab & then paying you is beyond ridiculous. What if I barley have enough to pay for what I’m eating? Should I stay home and not satisfy my crave because I have to pay you too. Well I don’t think so. I don’t work hard for my money to stay home & them pay someone else to take my order & bring it to me. That’s an issue u need to bring upon your employer wink emoticon leave us the customers out of it & demand your employer to pay you a sufficient amount. Life’s expensive I get that. But no way em I paying anyone to serve me. If that’s the case I should be allowed to serve myself Thank you!! And it’s not greedy it’s common sense to be able to go out and enjoy dinner without having a fake waiter smile her way through my pockets.