I love being a server. It can be difficult at times but what you put in you definitely get back. Recently my dad broke both of his arms in a motorcycle accident and couldn’t work. To help my parents I moved back home to pay bills and help my dad. The commute was too big so I had to quit my job. I had been there for 2 years and all my regulars knew when my last day was and they all came in to see me. Each regular whether it be adult or child gave me a hug and said they would miss me but know I would go on to do great things. I cried multiple times that day not realizing that these people have become a significant part of my life talking about their kids, jobs, church, jobs, or just local drama until that moment.

This was about 6 months ago. Fast forward to today and I was able to go back to my old job and they welcomed me with open arms. I was with coworkers I know and love and who have become become brothers and sisters to me. The best part was seeing all the kids smile when they remembered me or the adults giving me hugs welcoming me back and immediately asking for my schedule which I was happy to give.

I felt so loved today. When you have people like this around you every day it no longer is a job but becomes a day with the family. This is a huge reason why I love this industry and will continue to be in it.

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