Submitted by Renee

I’m am 9 months pregnant…due date January 18th. I work at a local seafood chain as a server. I was wondering how other pregos who continued to wait tables felt with the staff and managers. I don’t feel like I should get special treatment, but when I sit down for a moment to rest during a slow shift I’m made to feel guilty and lazy. Same with eating or snacking on shift…. I’m just so hungry all the time. I get razzed for breaking the rules you could say. I love my job, but my coworker’s attitudes have also begun to reflect resentment because of “sympathy tips” that they assume I’m receiving. They’ve gone to the extent of skipping me in rotation to putting meĀ in a less than desirable section. I’m a veteran server and I have worked for this store since they have opened. Did any of you other working moms feel this way? How did you handle it?