How Should I Respond To This Complaint?

So, I am not sure how… or even if I should respond to this.

I work in a very small Italian eatery, in a small town. I am a waitress, but I am also the Assistant Manager and I handle all the Social Media. Normally I would just offer an apology and a discount to bring them back, being a small town place, we need every bit of business we can get. But here is my dilemma. The restaurant is ran by my family. The person they refer to as “someTHING” is my niece. My young niece. The only example I can think of to explain her hairstyle is Justin Bieberish? She looks adorable with her hair that way and she is a hostess so she very rarely even touches the food.

So I guess I am looking for advice on how to respond to them because the only thing that is going through my head is to point out, very strongly, that she is a person, not a THING. Help?




Came in to your cafe tonight with my husband to eat dinner. Sat down in a booth and took one look at the waitress that came over and my hubby and I both decided we weren’t that hungry after all. Hair hanging across her face….even while she was talking to us. Really people???? No way in hell would we let something like that serve us food!