beingreplacedDid you know that some restaurants in China are now replacing servers, hosts, and cooks with robots? Yes…I said it…ROBOTS!

Just what we need…less jobs for the economy!

“Because that’s what the Chinese should be working on: ways to make their ten-trillion people unnecessary.” – quoted from Seth Meyers of Saturday Night Live on the subject.

Can you imagine this becoming a custom in the United States? I can see it now…the anti-tippers will at first gloat and brag about the fact that they no longer have to tip or deal with stupid, “unskilled” serving staff. It will become the new “in” thing. That is until they realize there will no longer be someone to order around, abuse and cater to them. Good luck getting that “special” order and that thing called human interaction. If you want that side of ranch, enjoy waiting behind the 20 other patrons who have put their requests and orders in before you…

Let’s take into consideration how much it would cost a restaurant to even have these robots manufactured and repaired. Wouldn’t it just be easier to pay a “human” server to do the job?

What are your thoughts? Do you think this would be a good or bad thing for restaurants?