By Kallie

Last night, we were unusually busy at work. I had a couple come in and sit in one of my booths right under one of the televisions. After getting their drinks they ordered their entrees. The woman asked if I could “hook her up” with extra extra extra onion on her steak for no charge. (I thought “No, I have to charge you for the things you eat… It’s my job”). This caused an argument between the two because he apparently doesn’t like when she has onion breath. Her boyfriend turned to me and asked if I would change the channel on the TV to the Cavs game. He then looked back at his girlfriend and said that if she got extra onion, he could watch the Cavs. She looked at me and said that he didn’t need it, but he asked me again to do it, very politely. So I changed it. Please keep in mind there were at least 8 other TVs in the restaurant playing the Cavs game that, if he had turned his head, he could have watched if I had not changed the channel. I never heard anything from them about the Cavs game for the rest of the night.

Their drinks were kept full, their meal came out hot and they told me their food was excellent. When they finished eating I gave them their check. She paid. After she signed they left very quickly. By the time I saw that the Cavs game that he” didn’t need” had taken all of my tip, the couple was gone. I just wanted to share this. I know it wouldn’t have been a huge tip or anything, but this just really got to me.